Little Mary, The Women
Speak Easy Stage Company
Sep. 22 - Oct. 21, 2006

From Left to right: Front row

Elisa MacDonald (blond, seated, short dress, smiling), Amanda Good Hennessey (face in shadow, talking to Elisa, dark curly hair), Sonya Raye* (African American, red dress, lounging on floor), Sophie Rich (young girl, talking to Sonya)

Middle Row - from Left to right
Kerry A. Dowling* - (long black dress, brown hair swept up), Courtney Branigan (blond, hand to mouth, short dress, black hose), Nancy E. Carroll* (center, exasperated look on her face, hair pulled back tight), Elizabeth Hayes (center of photo, leaning into to Nancy Carroll, talking behind hand), Aimee Doherty (looking up at woman in red dress, shoulder exposed), Maureen Keiller*I (seated, leaning in toward older blond woman, long legs crossed), Mary Klug* ( older blond woman, hand to mouth, looking shocked)

Back Row
Anne Gottlieb* (Standing, blue dress & pearls - pointing at woman in red dress), Carly Sakolove (dark blond hair behind Nancy Carroll, hand obscuring mouth), Kerrie Kitto (tan, dark-haired woman, behind Liz Hayes, spaghetti-strap dress), Georgia Lyman (Standing, red dress)

Not seen in the photo but in the cast: Shelley Brown, Ellen Colton*, Alice Duffy*, Sheryl Faye, Sandra Heffley
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